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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Views From a Bicycle

On the last day of Year 11, K and I went back to hers. I had my music exam the next day, and she was already stressing about maths. We'd decided earlier that we'd buckle down once we got in, and do some revision. Instead, we found ourselves flopped in front of the TV.

It was a really glorious day, the epitome of summer. We were still in uniform after the official assembly in the morning, shirts scrawled with messages and oh-so-hilarious handprints. "Revision" certainly wasn't happening, unless I could find anything vaguely musical about a Friends re-run. And so I suggested we go for a bike ride.

I think ever since that day, it's been very much a Thing We Do. Which was how I found myself pedalling down country lanes this morning, yelling at her to bloody slow down.

There's something about our bike rides which is strangely uplifting. I think it stems from the one we went on, on a whim, that day in Yr11. To be able to suddenly decide that all you want to do is cycle for miles and miles, without a destination or a curfew, in the middle of summer. It's pure freedom on a couple of wheels and a dodgy helmet.

Today we made it to Litcham in just over an hour and sat around on the green moaning about our sore legs until the afternoon, when L had her Sports Day. Not-so-surrupticiously, we set up camp in a corner of the playing field, kindly berated my former music teacher over the temperamental sound system, and waiting until we could cheer for our old Houses. Ironically enough, when I was at high school I managed to wiggle my way out of every Sports Day I was ever supposed to compete in (good old dance exams do have their uses I suppose...)

It was a lazy afternoon, which was legendarily topped off when K and I decided to have a wander round the old corridors while the entire school was up on the field. Cycling across the deserted tennis courts, whooping as loud as we possibly could, we completed our walk down memory lane on bike-back with a lap of the playground - and then homeward bound.

Hmm. These last few posts have all been rather reminiscent. Perhaps it's just something about this time of year, or the fact that I registered with UCAS on Monday, and suddenly feel very old. Here's to the good times past, I guess. And here's to the future, too.

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