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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Beaches and Cameras

Normally, they don’t mix. But EPQ called, and when you gotta get a shot you gotta get a shot. So, I dragged K, E, and the wonderful G* down to the beach and… waited. Yes, waited. Because the shot I needed was a magnificent sunset over the waves, with sea breezes and sand dunes.

*Her name doesn’t actually begin with G. It begins with L. But I have far too many important people whose names begin with L, so we’ll use the first letter of her glorious nickname instead.

And while we waited, we went paddling.

And then we went swimming. Only, there are no photos. And before you scream liars!, I’d like to see you use a dSLR in salty water. It was freezing. And incredibly fun.

But I do have photos of us jumping off sand dunes…

…and hugging trees…

…and getting very, very cold.

I love my friends very much. And yes, K has changed her hair again.

And finally at eight O’clock, the sun flared up. E stood on top of the dune, looked out across the waters, and I snapped the shutter.

And the hilarious thing is, after all that, I’m not allowed to upload it. The bigshots at AQA will have me done for plagiarism or perverting the cause of justice, or something.
But, I can upload these. And, when all’s said and done, I think they’re more important than AQA’s exam work.

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