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Friday, 7 August 2009

It's not the winning...

Even though the flies have claimed the gîte as their own;
Even though the house has proved smaller and less sturdy than we’d imagined;
Even though we had to organise a party for 120 people, instead of spending out holiday elsewhere;
Even though the Merc was less robust than we’d hoped for;

it’s been a pretty fantastic three weeks.

Our departure is looming. Come tomorrow, we’ll be heading out on a jet plane towards left-hand-drive, dull drizzle, and (finally!) a computer with internet access. And yet, today was decidedly English. We had English weather (clouds), English music (Billy Bragg), and then we played Monopoly. And bought English houses.

Yes, despite the mishaps, the last three weeks have looked far less like this:

(This was E’s hand, by the way. E – I-never-ever-ever-lose-at-Monopoly – ’s hand.)

And altogether more like my game:

It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts. And while it may be back to UCAS, back to my AQA Bacc EPQ, back to essays and prospectuses and work, I feel very much like it’s been a winner of a holiday.

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