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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Saturday Job

It isn't anything like K's (waitressing), or Lo's (mucking out horse stables). I work for my piano teacher, at her kids' music group: Youth Into Music.

There is way too much I could write about it. But the fact is that, this week, we've been having a summer school, and I've been teaching under-8s how to play the recorder(/guitar/chime bars/violin) for three hours a day. Ergo, I am shattered.

So all I'll say today is this. Little J (cute as a button, you wouldn't believe) had been looking at me over her guitar with a strange expression for a while. Professional that I am, I'd been tactfully ignoring her. Suddenly, her hand shot up. "I think," she said, clearly and with great weight, "I think, Rosa, that I will always be younger than you."

They drive me round the bend, but I do love them.

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