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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I first met E when we were 10, and I’d just moved from London. Nowadays he’s adamant that he was “love struck”, but I, naïve in these things, went on to befriend his best friend (in turn severing their tie), and thoroughly disapproved of the boy who always had his nose in a book and pushed me off my chair when I tried to play “Snake” on the computer.

We ended up going to different high schools, and – except for one attempt as I was getting off the bus one afternoon – we never heard from each other again for five years. Although, apparently the week of his Year 11 Prom, his grandparents suggested he invite me as his plus-one.

Last summer, the day I received my GCSE results, a friend invitation on Facebook led me back to him. And today, we’ve been together for ten months.

We had a picnic at the top of the hill this evening. Watched the Mediterranean sunset, and ate salmon, and drank too much wine. And talked about things.

I love him very much.

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