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Monday, 3 August 2009

Thoughts on blogging, and a ball of fluff

Blogging isn’t like a journal, I’ve decided. It’s not like a daily account. Today I did this and this, and this happened, and I felt like this. It’s not something that has to be filled in. It’s more like a scrapbook. Random little things which happened to be important, or general impressions, or huge, detailed accounts of one, tiny event. Whatever.

So, for the last fortnight there’ve been posts on entire days, on dreams, on general thoughts which perhaps had nothing at all to do with this holiday. An interactive pick ‘n’ mix of me (as I want to present myself here, on Mystery Companion – oh, the mystic, manipulative powers of autobiography).

But, I foresee this week as different. In lots of ways, the last fortnight didn’t quite go to plan. By this I mean, E and I – and his family – ended up organising an entire party for 120 people. And while in some ways I was perfectly satisfied – in the Mediterranean, in my organisational element – there wasn’t that much to write about.

Now, Mum, Dad, and L’s arrival seems to have injected some of the fantasy back into our stay. The atmosphere is different. The village is different. And it helps there aren’t hundreds of English people running around. We’re going places.


Update: Oh, the irony.


In light of that, I feel the day worthy of record. We drove to Mirepoix market this morning, where last week E bought me this necklace made of seedpods.

And where, today, I picked up souvenirs for K and Lo. I like buying them things. They have completely different personalities, and yet they are both incredibly easy to shop for. For K, I have a necklace (which suits her character perhaps more than it suits her…). And for Lo, this:

It reminds me of her. Take from that what you will.

Also, we visited the town of Castalnaudry, and wandered by the canal, and visited the church. The organ was built in the 17th Century by some top bloke, but it was silent today. Weather not great – for the first time since I’ve been here – and L pining for the gîte’s pool.

And here is a ball of fluff I found in the market.

Isn’t it the cutest thing you ever did see.

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