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Friday, 25 September 2009

I wanna live forever...

So it turns out that if you stick this on the sound system, I can double-pirouette.

My dance teacher, Miss B, laments that I still can't do the move at 1.23. (Not to mention, you know, 2.49...) With the discovery that 1980s musical numbers could potentially turn us all into Darcy Bussells, she's taking our entire dance school to see the new Fame remake tomorrow.

I'm preparing myself for a let-down (the reviews are dreadful and I love the original way too much). But me and K will have a giggle and a singalong. And if Miss B starts expecting triple-turns followed by splits followed by back-flips... hopefully she'll remember that the floor had been polished tonight.


Update: The girl who can't pirouette in the film would be called Rosa, wouldn't she. sigh.

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