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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A picture is worth a thousand...

...words? I don't think so. But then, I'm an English student.

I like photos though. If you hadn't guessed. And I've finally got round to starting a Fifty-Two Weeks project.

As the name suggests, the aim is to take one self-portrait a week for one year. Each portrait should expose part of your personality, or something important which has happened to you in the last seven days.

Anyway, I'm a couple of weeks behind: but here are my first two.

Week One.52
We watch the days we make our plans/We change in ways a life demands/I'll always remember this time, this place/The hope in your voice, the light on your face/Because anything can happen
- Jackson Browne, 'Anything Can Happen'

Week Two.52
We learnt more from a three minute record, baby/Than we ever learnt in school.
- Bruce Sprinsteen, 'No Surrender'

It's interesting, posting them here on my blog and seeing how they relate (or don't relate) to the posts I've written in the last week. I'll refrain from posting my mini-diary here, as I do on Flickr, and only include the song lyrics. If you really want to know more, though, track the project on Flickr.

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