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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

This year is unlucky for some.

A list of things which happened today:

I remembered I had to go to college in the morning. Thus, I woke up at 4am. And then at 5. And then 6. And then I slept in and missed my alarm.

I had assembly followed by Oxbridge followed by Tutorial followed by D of E followed by Music – and THEN I had a break to eat lunch.

I remembered why I shouldn’t have been pleased about going back to college.

I was attacked by my friend M, when, screaming “ROSA!” and launching her entire body through the air, she landed on top of me in front of the Years 12s.

I felt more than slightly claustrophobic at the number of Year 12s loitering in the corridors, and noted the fact that not one of them set foot in the library all day. I remembered the days when I was young and naïve too.

I found out that, comparatively, my exam results weren’t too bad after all. And also, that Ms O’G is predicting me two As and an A* this year. This, I decided, was slightly ridiculous, but went with it anyway.

I laughed at all the poor people checking out French textbooks from the library.

I was laughed at for getting homework in my first lesson.

I ignored the fact that I was again in homework debt, and spent my afternoon in town trying to find a remote release for a Nikon D40. I failed.

I came home and thought about the looming deadline for EPQ, but had to do the Corelli annotations instead. This would have been better had I owned a new remote release.

And finally, I got a letter from Swansea.

Today’s been pretty fantastic.

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