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Monday, 14 September 2009

Under the Weather

E likes to do things differently. So, while most boyfriends would celebrate a one-year anniversary by taking you out for a meal or the theatre, I found myself donning walking boots and a rain mac, and heading to a farm.

Have faith: there was meaning to the madness.

Remember this?
Now look here.

Oh yes. It’s practically Glastonbury, but with more food and less tents, and it’s in Suffolk. And it was bloody awesome.

It has to be said, though, that we didn’t get off to a great start. Our friend Jess had her 18th birthday party on Saturday night, and I woke bleary-eyed the next morning with more than a bit of a headache. But we soldiered on, and before long had bright yellow bands round our wrists, and seven hours before Seth Lakeman took the stage.
“Hotdog?” E suggested.

I was a horrible grump all morning. Put it down to the over-priced food, a dodgy hangover, and the drizzly rain, but not even the two women dressed as pirates and screaming “ooh-arr!” in front of a group of bemused toddlers could cheer me up. In fact, all might have been lost if it weren’t for E’s quick-thinking. “Look,” said he, “There’s a butterfly house.”
I mumbled incoherently, and probably scowled.
“…For photos?”

Ah yes. The way to a girl’s heart is through her camera.

Snap-happy, I let E entice me towards the food stalls, and much, much later (after ginger cookies, lamb paella, and sharing a virgin pina colada served in an actual pineapple) we pushed our way to the third row, and waited for the music.

Well. Seth Lakeman is always jaw-dropping.

And I can’t wait to see him again in November.

And KT?

Well, she got the crowd doing a PPW (a Pulsating Pig Wave, she assured us, was the only way to refer to this particular Mexican wave when relaying the festival’s awesomeness in weeks to come), and promptly forgot the words to ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’. Twice. And had to ask the girl with the glasses on the front row to give her the first line.

I called K during “Funnyman”, because we both love it, and waved the Nokia above my head while jumping around. This probably gave a weird pulsating effect, but K’s after-text (‘That was amazing! Xxx!’) implied she didn’t care.

All in all, bouncing around in wellies in the rain, screaming “I LOVE JIMMY” for TV cameras, and singing “Suddenly I See” at the top of your lungs
- isn’t a bad way to celebrate one year with an amazing boy.

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