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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The big One-Eight.

Yes indeed, my wonderful friend (known-here-only-as) K turns eighteen today!

Look at her. Isn't she radiant? She is smart, witty, eloquent, artsy, creative, goofy, loyal, brave, beautiful, intelligent, and, in Heather's words, far more brilliant than she gives herself credit for.

I mean, who would Heather be if it weren't for K?

I'm afraid I don't have a long, romantic story to describe how we became friends. It all happened rather quickly. I have a hazy memory of tents and non-stop walking, earwigs, charities, and a notebook. No idea what it all means. But in any case, you know the sort. And she is the epitome of a girl's best friend.

Happy birthday, sweetie.

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  1. oh my wonderful Rosaio, you made my day today!

    You are my bestest friend, and i am so proud, and so lucky to have you so

    love lots K xxxx