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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Happy National Poetry Day

My EPQ anthology has finally arrived. I am ridiculously proud of it; Blurb have done an amazing job with the printing and binding. My first published(-esque...) poetry. I was feeling at a bit of a loss, now it's all done - until Ms O'G told me about this.

Also, I finished Jane Eyre again yesterday. I'd forgotten just how much I love it. I wish I could say she reminds me too much of myself; I think perhaps she reminds me more of someone I'd like to be.
"And what will you do, Janet, while I am bargaining for so many tons of flesh?"
"I'll be preparing myself to go out as a missionary to preach liberty to them that are enslaved. I'll get admitted there, and I'll stir up a mutiny; and you, three-tailed bashaw as you are, sir, shall in a trice find yourself fettered amongst our hands: nor will I, for one, consent to cut your bonds till you have signed a charter, the most liberal that despot ever yet conferred."

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