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Monday, 12 October 2009

I bet Mozart did this.

I have a theory that almost every instrument has a human name. Even if the guy in the tux at the Albert Hall says his clarinet is just a clarinet, you can bet he really calls it Humphrey. Here, the piano is Theodore, the harp Celeste, my sister's violin Vincent, and my guitar Josie.

The point of the story is, at my piano lesson today my teacher was telling me the YIM stories which have accumulated over the last week. The best one went like this.

"I have a boy starting on the 'cello, and he's been waiting for it to arrive for weeks. [In actual fact, I found out, this nine-year-old was desperate to play the double bass, until he realised it was almost twice as tall as he was.] His sister plays the violin with me, and we've name it Alfred; so of course, this boy wanted to name his instrument too. Now, his headteacher called me up on Friday in a bit of a state. Apparently the boy had been asking all day at the office if someone called Edward had arrived yet. They didn't know who this person was but the boy said I would know, so that's why they called. I had to explain to her that he was talking about a 'cello."

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