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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Something terrible has happened...

I've kept all my photos - the originals, the originals, the Photoshop files, the edited jpegs - in one place: on my external hard drive.

It is broken.

Not the internal memory, thank god, but the plug for the USB; it's come loose, and I can't fix it. I cannot get to any of my photographs.

There is hope, though. It's 90% likely that the wonderful people at the camera hospital can recover everything. But, I can't take it to the shop before the New Year... On the other hand, I can still access all the new photos I take, plus Photoshop. I have my 50mm, and my strobes (which, my I add, I've spent the day setting up*.) *read as: being blinded several times.

I have a working camera, and a notebook full of photo ideas. All is not lost. (Although, my Week 16 will be late. It's taken but I transferred the files onto my hard drive just before it broke... It is on Flickr, though: fourth in comments here.)

I suppose now would be a good time to plug my new photography blog. I'm not abandoning Mystery Companion - just re-locating some of my photography posts to tumblr. It's awkward having both my personal stuff and my photography stuff on the same blog, especially now certain things are starting to happen with my photos**. Stargazing isn't just my work either; I'm using it as a place where I can collect inspiration too. Tumblr's reblogging tool is really useful for that. I'll probably still posts some of my work here, but only my 52s and the other bits I like best.

oh... **The Young Photographer asked me to be their first showcased photographer. I don't think I've ever been so excited.

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