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Monday, 3 May 2010

I'm pretty certain I have the best friends in the entire world


I just read the whole thing through a hundred or so times.

I reckon anonymity is another word for cowardliness, that its another way to be cruel with a smile and a pat on the arm because you're the one being sensitive and silly. And then I start worrying about you a bit more because what can you do?

But you're right. Take amazing photos and be silly in the woods and laugh at the stupid things we say and do. Leg it along the woodland path so that the perfect moment can be captured forever only to realise that all you got was some brightly coloured wellies and our open arms. Fall in streams, sit in muddy puddles and lean on broken wagons. Because, lets face it, in ten years time these are the bits that will matter the most. When we're rich and famous and definitely very cool we'll laugh at them.

Until then, the nerd herd needs an official photographer and generally awesome person.

Loveage xxxxx

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