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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lost and Found


My bracelet has been missing for a fortnight, but I turned my room upside-down and the house inside-out looking for it. I went to the city and asked in every shop I'd visited. I ended up at the cathedral, and when they told me nothing had been handed in I sat in the quiet under the stained glass and thought.

There is very little worth in objects. There are people in this and other worlds who are betrayed by those they trusted most, and who find they have nothing except that which they find inside themselves. Those things, that strength and that honesty and that love, are there in you whether you are wearing a bracelet to remind yourself or not.

My bracelet is gone, but I have found instead a feeling just inside my ribcage which pulsates quietly and defiantly, and realise now that over the years it left a shard of its stardust in my heart.

(Today, I found it in the guest room bed.)

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