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Monday, 12 July 2010

The right dress

Not so very long ago, my friends threw me this, because I couldn't bring myself to my school's Leavers' Ball. Days later, Lottie turned to me and said, "My school's leavers' do is in a few weeks, and you're my plus one."

On Friday she came over with her boyfriend, and we picked out dresses and got creative with sellotape and chose jewellery. Kim did our hair, and then we arrived to a red carpet reception with the others already waiting.

We had our photographs taken in the sunshine, and I was teased for opting for orange juice instead of champagne. Dinner was soup followed by duck followed by cheesecake, but in truth we were more interested in the extraordinary magician and catching up with old friends. I met someone I have hardly seen since primary school, and we talked about old times and changes.

Eventually we regrouped downstairs on the dancefloor. Tom's moves were extraordinary, Jonny put his foot down and refused to budge from his chair, and Lottie found out that she is a master at Poker.

The clock struck twelve. I disappered outside to wait for our ride home, and it felt a little like stepping back into the real world. But Cinderalla this story was not. In fact, I felt more accepted here than anywhere else - more able to be who I am and accept who I am not. There were no transformations at midnight. Just me, a little tipsy, waiting in the warm air, in a silver dress.


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