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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A serendipitous discovery

Dear Jasmine

So, here’s the thing. The night before I was due to sit my A2 Politics exam I was in a bit of a state. It was almost midnight and I’d crash-revised all day (bad, bad, I know) but before I went to bed I flicked open the internet to find a piece of music on Youtube.

My browser opens a couple of tabs automatically, and one of them shows the referrals to my Flickr account. I noticed the address of a tumblr which caught I hadn’t seen before. “Anythinggeeky” sounded like a blog created with a self-knowing smile, by someone who would fit seamlessly into my circle of friends (the self-proclaimed “nerd herd”.)

It was late, like I said, and nine hours later I was going to be sitting at a desk in a silent room with an A2 exam in front of me, destined to fail. But I clicked.

You knocked me for six. Of finding my photographs you said, “I genuinely feel it’s serendipitous discoveries like that that get you through the harder moments” Mygosh, let me tell you that finding your post, especially at that moment, felt like a gift.

Thank you so much for what you said (especially as you had no intention of my ever finding it.) I had a bit of a sniffle and went to bed feeling a hundred per cent better. The photograph is called “Leap of Faith”, and when you tagged it “hope” you reminded me of the reason I created it in the first place. It was a mixture of the timing and your words, but it really did mean so much to me at that moment. Thank you.

Rosa xx

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  1. Jasmine Andersson10 August 2010 at 17:31

    Hi Rosa,
    Please forgive my tardiness in responding to your lovely blog post- my boyfriend decided to make shapes back to the UK after a six month exploration of China- queue non stop partying and the anecdote absorbing which has been what my past few days have consisted of. I was incredibly touched that you went to such an effort to give me thanks. It is nice to know that somehow I reminded you of what your picture meant to you, as it was a source of goodness for me on that particularly crappy day- I gathered from your blog the personal circumstances that I believe sprung to create the photograph and it reminded me of this individual strength, and through your photograph, I remembered other people were in the same situation as me- for I had just experienced a pretty gruelling break up myself. I am sure you must have seen how I discovered your photos on my tumblr post, so please do not worry about me being potentially scared about your post- part of my intention was for you not to see my post out of insecurity or fear that you may find the whole scenario rather odd. I think that is in fact one of the main things that attracted me to your photos in the first place; this inherent sense of freedom and a simple loss of inhibition which is so rare amongst people our age. Your photos are so refreshing, and although I may not be a photographer myself, I can recognise that you possess a wealth of talent that I find, without being too cliche, inspiring. I feel I have somehow bonded with you and your photos over the course of reading your blog, as bizarre as it may seem. I hope you "keep at it" and I intend to follow your work and eventually purchase some copies of your photos when I find funds (nasty student lifestyle) and my way around flickr!
    With gratitude,
    Jasmine x
    P.S Also forgive this entire response- I still fail to recognise running sentences are not my friends!