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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Kids Behind Cameras

When I created this photograph last June, I really had little idea of the magnitude my decision to travel to Africa would have on my life ten months down the line. Now, with just a little over two weeks before my plane leaves, I have spent the last month planning, preparing (and panicking over!) the trip I'm about to embark on - and now, in the final stages, I need your help.

During my stay I will be travelling through a number of southern African countries, working in marine conservation in Mozambique and wildlife conservation in Kruger Park, South Africa. Also, during my time in Swaziland I will spend a month at an orphanage, working with disadvantaged children. Part of my role there will be to teach lessons such as English and Maths, but I have also been given permission to run a self-devised project, which I'm calling Kids Behind Cameras.

The concept of the KBC project is simple and exciting. I aim to give each of the children I work with their own disposable camera, in order to record aspects of their daily life in Swaziland. They will learn to look at the world through a lens, compose images, and document the things which are important to them. I'll develop the photographs when I come home to England, sending a copy of the images to the children who created them, and using another set as the centrepiece of my upcoming debut solo exhibition here in July.

The idea for the project grew out of my own joy in discovering the fundamental aspects of photography - the ability to create and preserve. I want to give the children a project which is brilliant fun, and which will also teach them new ways of looking at and thinking about the world around them. I'm hoping that my passion for photography will be a catalyst in creating some fun, fantastic pictures.

And here is where you come in.

In order for this project to be a success I need to raise money to buy at least ten disposable cameras (and, ideally, more.) All profits from my print sales are currently going to my Kids Behind Cameras fund, to provide these cameras, and I would be more than grateful if you would buy a print of mine to raise money for the project.

Almost all of my public photographs are available as prints, so check out my Flickr set here to see the full selection. Buying a print is very simple; just fill in and submit the order form, and pay using Paypal, or by sending a cheque to me in the mail. I ship internationally, but make sure you order by March 25th to get your print before I leave! Every penny will go into the pot for buying and developing photographs from the disposable cameras, and will ensure Kids Behind Cameras is a success.

Thank you so much in advance, see you very soon!

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